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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Manga Review: New York New York

Manga: New York New York
Status: Complete
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

A story about a young cop who has been gay since high school but has always refused his sexuality preferences and has been hiding it from everyone around him. He never gets himself into a relationship and all his partners are only one night stand, however by meeting this one young blonde guy from a gay bar, changed his life in many ways.

This young blonde has a very sad past starting from losing his mother atthe age of 6 and after being adopted by his foster parents, he was sexually abused by his foster father and soon, he choose to leave home at the age of 17. However, since he is a minor, he could not work nor attend school anymore and hence, due to starvation, he sold his body. He has a couple of relationship but none worked out and his last relationship drove him to attempt suicide. After all the truama, he was picked up at a gay pub by this young cop and soon they got together.

While being together, the young cop was facing trouble with how to deal with the situation that they are in. Soon after he found his answer to his troubles, his lover met an accident and that even drew them closer but not close enough. The appearance of his lover's ex-boyfriend did not make things any better but was also soon resolved on a slightly good note.

Things got a little heated up when the young cop has decided to bring his lover back home and to introduced him to his family. His mother has refused the realtionship and were making things difficult for both the young cop and his lover. The rejection from the young cop's best friend coupled to the insecurites that the young cop was facing.

In the end, everything was resolved and ended on a happy note.

My thoughts:
This manga is highly recommended to read. it has a good storyline and the developing of the story is good as well. it protrays very well the opinion and point of view from many different people taking in the society and the values people have during those time. How the couple, each have their own worries, overcome their obstacle step by step.

This manga makes me laugh and sob at the same time. Laugh at their happy and funny moments and sob for them for their misfortune and saddness.